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Pure Water Wellsys WS 9000
Provides a high level of water capacity and 9 stages of purification.
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Pure Water Wellsys WS 9000

With elegance, the WS 9000 water purification system provides a high level of water capacity and 9 stages of purification. In addition to the high profile look, the WS 9000 systems have self contained flow regulators and leak detectors for added value. Each WS 9000 water purification system is designed with self dispense pad control or one touch dispense for easily accessible drinking water.

Sediment Filter
Removes particles such as dirt, silt, rust and pipe residue.
Pre-Carbon Filter
Removes chlorine, chemicals and pesticides.
RO/UF Membrane
Removes all metals, solids, arsenic, etc. RO filter size: .0001 micron. UF filter size: .01 micron.
Bio-Sure Plus Filter
A. Eliminate Free Radicals & Clumping
Special minerals are added to neutralize the damaged molecules.

B. Restores & Adds Minerals
More than 20 minerals are utilized that are known to improve an array of health concerns.

C. Enhance Alkalinity & Balance pH
Water is enhanced with minerals to increase alkalinity and balance pH.

D. Purify & Sanitize
There are 450 forms of virus controlled through one of the strongest antiabacterial agents.

TCR/Final Polishing
Final polish for fresh pure taste.
Pure Water Wellsys WS 9000

Dimensions (WxDxH)
14.2" X 15.5" X 50.3"

Cold Tank Capacity
2.1 gallons

Hot Tank Capacity
1.3 gallons

"The water from our Pure Water purification system tastes so much better than our previous bottle cooler. Service is excellent and the water tastes great!"
"I would highly recommend Rick Stevens and Pure Water Technology as a great local vendor of a water source in your workplace. Rick’s customer service and products are excellent. Once you have a system in place, you really don’t have to think about it again!"