Service & Support


Simple Installation, Expert Technicians.

1. First, our professional service technician will arrive at your location and assess your needs, finding out where you would like the bottle-less water cooler to be placed and then locating the nearest cold water line, usually under a sink or in the ceiling.

2. Next, our trained installer will “tap in” to your water line. For safety purposes, they will connect at a location along the water line that falls after a shutoff valve, so that if there is ever a reason to disconnect water flow from your bottle-less water cooler, it can be done easily at the shutoff valve.

3. Finally, the installer will run high-end food grade, flexible tubing, designed and certified specifically for the drinking water industry, from the water source to the location of the bottle-less cooler. Once the water line is connected to the back of bottle-less water cooler, all that remains is to plug the cooler in, and the best in pure drinking water is immediately available!

The entire installation process is usually completed in just about an hour. Then, you, your employees, and your clients are ready to enjoy bottle-less, purified water at the touch of a button! Contact us to get started now.