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BPA Plastics

February 01, 2016
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BPA Plastics

Bottled water, BPA, and the world around us…

There’s no denying the importance of having clean, non-toxic water for our physical well-being and the ecological good of our planet. While bottled water is heavily marketed as being uber-healthful, many 5 gallon water cooler bottles still contain harmful BPA (Bisphenol A). High-dose exposure to BPA has been linked to a broad range of health problems and there’s debate over just how much BPA exposure is safe. From an ecological perspective, the manufacturing and distribution processes used in making bottled water diminish our already limited natural resources and create air pollution. Not only that, but our oceans’ eco-systems are under attack by the substantial amounts of plastic polluting them. While some other types of trash biodegrade and disappear, plastic does not. With exposure to the sun, it photo-degrades and breaks down into smaller pieces over time. It never completely disappears, however, so marine animals mistake it for food and it washes up on and litters our beaches.