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An Office Protest Makes Change

November 28, 2017
An Office Protest Makes Change

Tammy of S & H Underwriters in Barre, VT was alarmed about the amount of plastic being recycled or thrown away at her office and decided to do something about it. She walked in to work one day and expressed herself as the "Blizzard Bottle Lady" in protest to the owner, wearing a special outfit made of a weeks worth of the bottles used at her office. Well the protest worked and they now have a water purification system that is the end-all of bottle-less water coolers!

Tammy knew of Pure Water Technology from BNI, a referral based networking organization and the company she had previously worked at, Denis, Ricker & Brown Insurance Agency. We at Pure Water Technology can certainly help your company to become greener as well! Just call us for a consultation and give yourself the peace of mind that you've helped our environment!