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Our Mission

Our purpose is to create a healthier workforce by providing fresh, healthy, pure water to businesses in Northern New England while making a positive impact on our environment and in the community.

Our History

Since 2004, Pure Water Technology, Inc. has been offering an array of products to fit each need and application in the workplace. Each water purification system is equipped with LG technology and a nine-stage purification process. This innovative technology not only eliminates contaminates through a state of the art reverse osmosis or ultrafine purification process, but also adds nutrients to enhance proper hydration. This revolutionary process sanitizes every drop of water, balances pH levels by adding alkalinity, provides a nutrient boost, and even provides an added immunity detoxification to insure proper health. The result is cleaner, healthier, better tasting water that increases work place efficiency through proper hydration. The state of the art design and technology provides the most interior friendly water purification system, with the best tasting drinking water available.

Like most great ideas it started with a need. In 1994 it was the need to provide quality water treatment for home and businesses. Then in 1996 the need to eliminate the hassles of lifting and storing heavy 5 gallon water bottles. Now we realize that bottled water is an environmental nightmare, so it is time to replace your antiquated drinking water systems with a Pure Water Technology solution.

Locally Owned and Operated PWT, a locally owned business that takes pride in service and customer care! You will always get a fast response and a friendly voice over the phone. When you start service with our company you get the best of both worlds, personalized service from a local company with the strong back up of a nationwide manufacturer.

Pure Water Technology, Inc. is a provider of industry leading technology for drinking water solutions, specializing in high quality bottle-less water coolers. With over 12 years of experience in the water industry, Pure Water Technology is committed to providing governmental, institutional, industrial and commercial markets with state-of-the-art, great tasting and environmentally friendly bottle-less water purification systems.

Our Pure Water Coolers are more cost effective than traditional bottled water coolers, providing healthier, cleaner water. Pure Water Coolers will eliminate the lifting, storing, and delivery of those heavy plastic water containers.

We fulfill our mission by helping our customers "go green", providing exceptional personal service and offering the latest, most advanced water treatment technologies in the industry. Our superior service and cost savings set us apart.

Our Partners

In conjunction with Wellsys, other strategic partners, and experts in the water purification business; Pure Water Technology, Inc. has greatly enhanced the continued evolution of drinking water purification. As the public’s awareness of the pitfalls of bottle water systems increases, the opportunity for quality point of use coolers has reached a much greater demand. The objective of Pure Water Technology from the beginning was to improve upon bottle water, in addition enhance the Point of Use (POU) cooler market. Just as bottle water had issues with bacteria, acidity and plastic related contaminates. POU coolers are susceptible to much of the same problems as bottle water, with plastic holding tanks, under the sink filtration, high levels of bacteria and water with low mineral and high acidic levels. The evolution of POU coolers and the cooler industry now comes to Wellsys USA, one of Pure Water Technology’s partners, as the leader in providing higher quality and better drinking water.