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Fresh, purified water for your workplace

Pure Water Vermont provides fresh, pure, healthy drinking water by removing chemicals, bacteria, and parasites. Our purification systems, along with their reverse osmosis membrane and activated oxygen injection, produce better tasting, healthier water than other workplace systems.

Bottled water is not the same!

In addition, many of our customers have saved money, over the cost of their existing water dispensing systems, by switching to Pure Water Technology of NNE.

"The water from our Pure Water purification system tastes so much better than our previous bottle cooler. Service is excellent and the water tastes great!"
"I would highly recommend Rick Stevens and Pure Water Technology as a great local vendor of a water source in your workplace. Rick’s customer service and products are excellent. Once you have a system in place, you really don’t have to think about it again!"
About Pure Water Technology of NNE

Pure Water Technology of NNE is dedicated to providing its customers the highest performance water purification systems in the marketplace today, with ongoing research and development to provide the highest performance systems for tomorrow.

Pure Water News
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February 08, 2016

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